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Nellie Bly the journalist and Nellie Bly the train both led fast-paced lives, both ending in melodramatic tragedy. Unfortunately, they are both underrepresented, lost characters.  The parlour’s founders felt the stunt reporter’s legacy, paired with the train’s history in its hometown of Riverton, NJ, would prove to be the perfect name for this sweet gem on Main Street, and so was born NELLIE BLY’S OLD TYME ICE CREAM PARLOUR.
Since the opening of Nellie Bly’s in 2005, the parlour has remained in the hands of women.  With each owner keeping true to her sense of adventure, humility, courage, and willful womanly independence.  So, sit down, relax,  and indulge in one of our many sweet delights and take yourself back to the 1900’s…..
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